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Hawk Enviro is based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, trading equipment across the international oil & gas marketplace.

With over 40 years experience the company is ideally positioned to provide Agency Services, Consultancy, Trading, Brokerage and Contracting.

Clients include oil companies, drilling contractors, and energy related organisations in the marine, engineering and service sector.

Hawk Enviro is also the UK Agent for Hartmann Valves and Wellheads, manufacturers of high specification products from facilities in Celle Germany, delivering to oil & gas, cavern storage, pipelines, geothermal, chemical, and power.

Hawk Enviro was established in 2003 and the Projects below illustrate past activity.

Operational History


Soilmec MR3500 Work-over Rig – Tunisia
SMAG GT359-43 Offshore Rig Package – Germany
Corsair 500 Carrier Rig Package – Scotland
Cooper 350 Work-over Rig – Scotland
Lee C Moore 650t Rig Package – Germany
Corsair 500 Carrier Rig Package – Western Siberia
Cooper 750 Onshore Rig Package – Oman
Lee C Moore 385t Rig – Germany
National T12 Carrier with Ideco Mast – New Zealand


Ideco ED900 Drawworks and Drilling Package – Germany
Varco TDS4H Top Drive System – Japan
National 12-P-160 Mud Pumps – Singapore
Hydril 29-500 MSP Diverter – USA
Whitestar Mud Pumps with MTU Engines (2) – Germany
Shaffer MNLK 14 PSLK Double BOP & Package – Scotland
Brandt LCM 3D Shale Shakers – Australia
Mud Tank System – Germany
Varco TDS8SA Top Drive System – Singapore


Kenz Offshore Crane – Denmark
Norsafe Fast Rescue Craft – Denmark
Lamor Pollution Recovery Spread – Norway
Skagit Anchor Winch – USA
Dunlop Floating Hose Package – USA
Pollution Recovery Coastal Tanker – Scotland
Pollution Recovery Barge – Scotland
Pollution Recovery Equipment Spread – Scotland


GE LM2500 Gas Turbine – Brunei
Siemens SGT200 Gas Turbines (3) – Holland
Rolls Royce RB211 Gas Turbines (3) – Scotland
GE LM6000 Gas Turbine – Germany
GE LM2500 Gas Turbines (2) – Norway
Rolls Royce Avon 1534-101/G Gas Turbines (2) – England
Allison 501KBS Gas Turbines (6) – Norway
Rolls Royce Avon 1535-161G Gas Turbines (2) – Norway
Ruston Tornado Gas Turbine – Scotland
Ruston TB5400 Gas Turbines (2) – Holland
Caterpillar3412DI-TA Diesel Genset – Holland


Disposal of Project Stock of Valves & Fittings – Grangemouth, Scotland
Disposal of Project Stock of Valves, Fittings, Plate, Tubulars – Peterhead, Scotland
Disposal of Project Stock of Valves & Fittings – Morecombe, England
Disposal of Project Stock of Valves & Fittings – Norway
Disposal of Wind Turbine Parts & Spares Stock – Denmark


OCTG Packages – Portugal, Turkey, Gabon, Namibia, Vietnam, USA, Russia, Pakistan, Mozambique
Completions Push Pull Workshop Machinery – Scotland
Downhole Products Workshop Tooling – Scotland
Wellhead Supply on Gas Storage – England
Wellhead Supply on Cavern Storage – England
Valve Supply on Gas Storage – England
Wellhead Supply on Offshore Oil Production – Scotland


Overhaul of NOV TDS4S Top Drive System – Japan
Platform Inventory Analysis pre-decommissioning – North Sea
Valuations of Inventory, Plant & Equipment (10) – United Kingdom
Disposal of Large Decommissioned Subsea Umbilicals – United Kingdom
Market Analysis of LNG Cogeneration Plant – Wales


Koller Wireline Truck Unit – Holland
Koller Wireline Support Trucks (4) – Gabon
Koller Centrifugal Pumping Skids – West Africa
Koller Wireline Truck Units – Gabon
Halliburton Cement Pump Skids – Norway, New Zealand, Austria

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